Managed Services

Focus on the core of your business by allowing LCN to maintain and monitor your Security and IT infrastructure. Stop spending money on additional personnel or point solutions. Gain a peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is secure while maximizing ROI by eliminating the need to hire, train, and maintain IT staff. Let LCN become an extension of your organization, ease the day-to-day management of your mission critical technology and equip your business for future growth.

24/7 Monitoring

  • 24 x 7 continuous security monitoring of our customers’ infrastructure, applications and data
  • A unified security management platform
  • Complete visibility of all traffic (north/south and east/west) moving within and across your cloud environments (public, private and hybrid)
  • Detection of and deception for unauthorized lateral movement (strong indicator of compromise) and breaches in real time
  • The components to implement micro-segmentation for more granular access control

Incident Response

  • Preparation: develop and test incident response policies and procedures.
  • Detection and Identification: determine the type and severity of the incident and then choose the appropriate response.
  • Containment: limit the breadth and width of the incident.
  • Remediation: utilize people, processes, and tool sets to systematically remove malware from the environment.
  • Recovery: return to normal business operations.
  • Reporting: create a report that details how the incident happened, lessons learned, and controls that can be implemented to stop or limit similar events in the future.

Managed Splunk® Infrastructure by LCN

Indexes, Dashboards, Security Playbooks, Workflows, Alerts, Reports, Etc....

LCN Services specializes in SIEM management, specifically regarding Splunk. Splunk is a complex platform that requires a structured approach in order to be successful. We believe that starting at a core foundation of focusing on effective data onboarding and data hygiene allows customers to gain initial visibility into their existing infrastructure and security stacks. As we walk through this process, we look for data gaps that may be present and offer strategies and services to fill these gaps. We take an approach to ensure that all security silos, from networking, endpoint, vulnerability management, etc. are onboarded where possible to improve visibility. Utilize the LCN team to manage and maintain your Splunk environment.

Managed Security Services

24/7 Monitoring, Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed Detection & Response, 24/7/365 application and data security monitoring
  • Incident Response, dedicated incident response team to help you investigate and thoroughly recover from security incidents.
  • Red Teaming, External validation of security program through red team services.
  • Managed Endpoint Security, fully managed endpoint security.
Benefits of Managed Services
24/7 Monitoring
Dedicated team operating 24/7 to ensure your environment is protected
Track & Triage
Alert, Track, and Triage. Custom playbooks and security initiatives
Infrastructure Management
Dedicated Splunk professionals ensuring you get the most out of your investment in Splunk.
Which one is most important to you?
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