Regular Expressions (REGEX) Cheat Sheet

Regular Expressions are useful in multiple areas: search commands regex and rex; eval functions match() and replace(); and in field extraction.

Regex Note Example Explanation
\s white space \d\s\d digit space digit
\S not white space \d\S\d digit non-whitespace digit
\d digit \d\d\d-\d\d-\d\d\d\d SSN
\D not digit \D\D\D three non-digits
\w word character (letter, number, or _) \w\w\w three word chars
\W not a word character \W\W\W three non-word chars
[...] any included character [a-z0-9#] any char that is a thru z, 0 thru 9, or #
[^...] no included character [^xyz] any char but x, y, or z
* zero or more \w* zero or more word chars
+ one or more \d+ integer
? zero or one \d\d\d-?\d\d-?\d\d\d\d SSN with dashes being optional
| or \w|\d word or digit character
...) named extraction \d\d\d-?\d\d\d\d pull out a SSN and assign to 'ssn' field
(?: ... ) logical or atomic grouping alphabetic character OR a digit
^ start of line ^\d+ line begins with at least one digit
$ end of line \d+$ line ends with at least one digit
{ . . . } number of repetitions \d{3,5} between 3-5 digits
\ escape \[ escape the [ char

Search Examples

Filter Results
Filter results to only include those with "fail" in their raw text and status=0.
... | search fail status=0
Remove duplicates of results with the same host value.
... | dedup host%I
Keep only search results whose "_raw" field contains IP addresses in the non-routable class A (
... | regex _raw=" (?
Group Results
Cluster results together, sort by their "cluster_count" values, and then return the 20 largest clusters (in data size).
... | cluster t=0.9 showcount=true | sort limit=20 -cluster_count
Group results that have the same "host" and "cookie", occur within 30 seconds of each other, and do not have a pause greater than 5 seconds between each event into a transaction.
... | transaction host cookie maxspan=30s maxpause=5s
Group results with the same IP address (clientip) and where the first result contains "signon", and the last result contains "purchase".
... | transaction clientip startswith="signon" endswith="purchase"
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