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CloudBees is a provider of continuous delivery solutions powered by Jenkins CI, the #1 Continuous Integration solution, with more than 80,000 active sites, globally. Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server, that accelerates the software development process through automation. It manages and controls development lifecycle processes of all kinds, including build, document, test, package, stage, deployment, static analysis and many more.

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform is the industry’s most proven, fully featured technology platform for implementing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). CI and CD help you deliver better software faster by automating the software delivery lifecycle allowing faster delivery of new applications and features to meet the needs of organization. While CI let’s you automate the software build, scan and test process, CD automates the full application delivery pipeline taking new features and code from development to staging to production (if desired). With automated testing and automated environment provisioning CD becomes the foundation of your DevOps transformation.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) Solutions:
  • Accelerate software delivery with Jenkins CI, the world’s most popular open source CI server
  • CloudBees Continuous Delivery Platform provides a wide range of Jenkins-based CI/CD solutions
  • CloudBees can be used on-premise and/or in the cloud to meet the unique security, scalability and manageability needs of enterprises

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